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Primary Care services offered in Verona, NJ

Establishing a trusting relationship with a primary care provider is a great way to stay in control of your health. At Montclair Concierge Medicine, primary care physician Kelly DiStefano, MD, provides high-quality, concierge-style health services for adults and adolescents for an affordable membership fee. Dr. DiStefano can diagnose and treat a range of injuries and illnesses. She also provides customized care plans to optimize your health and increase your longevity. Call the Verona, New Jersey, office to schedule a primary care visit or book an appointment online today.

Primary Care Q&A

What is primary care?

Primary care includes health services to address your acute and chronic medical needs, lower your risk factors for disease, and protect your long-term health.

Montclair Concierge Medicine offers concierge-style primary care services for adolescents and adults. Dr. DiStefano takes a personalized approach to diagnosing and treating various illnesses and injuries. She also helps you set and achieve your overall wellness goals.

Concierge primary care services give you 24/7 access to medical care if you get sick or injured and need urgent medical attention. This access eliminates the hassle of going to the local emergency room. 

Which primary care services are available?

Montclair Concierge Medicine provides membership-based, concierge-style primary care services like:

  • Same-day sick visits
  • Annual wellness visits
  • Immunizations
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Chronic disease management

Dr. DiStefano also has extensive experience designing pain management plans to control persistent pain that results from injuries or chronic diseases like arthritis.

Medically supervised weight loss programs are also available to support healthy, safe weight loss. Dr. DiStefano provides resources you can use to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight to boost your self-confidence and lower your risk factors for obesity-related diseases.

When should I schedule a primary care visit?

You should schedule a primary care visit at Montclair Concierge Medicine if you have unexplained pain or don’t feel well due to a cold, the flu, an infection, or an injury. Dr. DiStefano offers same-day visits to address your urgent care needs.

You can also benefit from the available primary care services if you need help managing a chronic disease like arthritis, high blood pressure (hypertension), or diabetes. Dr. DiStefano creates individual treatment plans using medications, lifestyle changes, and diet improvements to manage chronic health conditions and prevent them from worsening.

Dr. DiStefano values the importance of preventive care. She offers routine health screenings like blood pressure checks and skin evaluations to identify early warning signs of disease. Customized weight loss services are also available to help you lose weight safely.

At each primary care visit, Dr. DiStefano can track changes in your health and ensure your body functions optimally. She provides personalized recommendations you can use to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Call the Montclair Concierge Medicine office to schedule a primary care visit or book an appointment online today. Telehealth appointments are also available.